AMDA  International Medical Information Center
People from more than one hundred countries call to consult with us about different matters. We provide precise information to each caller and try to enable foreign nationals to have access to the same medical services as Japanese.

Income from membership fees, fund raising and advertising is used to cover expenses such as telephone charges for calls we make in obtaining information and the cost of maintaining our facilities.

To help make Japan comfortable for everyone irrespective of nationality or language, your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

We would like to increase the number of supporting members of the AMDA International Medical Information Center. Our supporting members receive our quarterly newsletter (in Japanese) as well as invitations to our international exchange parties.

* Kindly note that this membership, "a supporting member of the AMDA International Medical Information Center," is different from that of a supporting member for AMDA itself.

Our financial year starts in April. Those who become members between October 1 and March 31 pay 3,000yen for a private membership and10,000yen for a group membership for the first year.

Both private and group members can pay by semiannual installments.

Private membership 6,000yen/year
Student membership
(from high school to college and technical school)
Junior membership
(junior high and under) 1,000yen/year
Group membership 20,000yen/year

How to obtain membership

Fill in the application form and send it by e-mail or fax, or call Center Tokyo or Center Kansai.

Please remit your payment to the AMDA International Medical Information Center's account for postal transfer.
Account Name : AMDA Kokusai Iryo Joho Senta
Account No. : 00180-2-16503
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