1. Telephone Consultation

  2. Publications

  3. Seminars and symposiums on providing medical care for foreign patients

    We try to internationalize the field of medicine by discussing with Japanese medical professionals the problems surrounding the medical care of foreign patients and finding ways of more smoothly providing care for these patients.

  4. Entrusted telephone services for foreign residents

    Since May 1993, the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Health Promotion Foundation has entrusted the Center with the task of providing information on the Japanese medical system and medical facilities as well as emergency translation in foreign languages through a telephone service.


    Our quarterly publication (in Japanese) "AMDA Kokusai Iryo Joho Senta NEWSLETTER", introduces the Center's activities.

  6. HIV/AIDS Project for Thais

    Geared towards Thai nationals, we provide AIDS counseling over the phone and send
    Thai nurses to medical facilities and public health centers.

  7. Parenting classes in foreign languages

    We hold classes on pregnancy, birth and child-rearing geared toward foreigners in Japan, with translators in the classroom.

    This year we held a parenting class in Vietnamese on Saturday, October 17, at the Kobe Nagata Public Health Center.