AMDA  International Medical Information Center
Our Goal
 Our goal is that any person living here in Japan has a chance to receive appropriate medical care under the protection of the fundamental human rights.

 An increasing number of foreigners live in Japan these days, not only visitors on business or tourists, but also those who are married with Japanese or settle down here after having worked for while.

 We believe it certainly helps Japan promote internationalization to assist those in gaining an access to the Japanese medical care system including doctors and hospitals.

 Taking such circumstances into consideration, AMDA International Medical Information Center is offering various services such as giving foreigners medical information in Japan and also providing Japanese people engaged in medical services with foreign medical information. Our Center is also offering telephone interpretation services free of charge.

List of Awards received
- The 51st Dai-ichi Life Insurance Health Center Prize

- The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Prize

- NHK Public Welfare Organization Prize

- The Asahi Shinbun Culture Public Corporation Prize (1999-Heisei

- The 14th Tokyo Bar Association Human Rights Prize (1999-Heisei

- The First Yomiuri Prudential Welfare Culture Prize
(2004-Heisei 16)

This website is currently under construction due to business modification. The new telephone number is 03-6233-9266. The operator speaks Japanese only.


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Consultaion hours in Vetnamese : 13-17:00 on thursdays in October and November.